TO PLAY OUR GAME, You hold the key

The Rules

1. Be respectful of the Escort of your choice. Please make sure that the lady also has a pleasant experience then, and your date will be even more intense. If the Escort doesn’t feel comfortable with your requests, you can’t force her. Instead, discuss with your lady what you both like and enjoy.

2. Your Escort will appreciate that you are clean, fresh, and just showered. All our HIGH CLASS EscortS have a very high level of personal hygiene. In addition, our Escorts regularly visit a medical specialist, do an STD test and always have a always condom with them.

3. Before your favourite Escort arrives, ensure you have clean sheets, liquid soap and enough clean towels.

4. Always use a condom! All our Escorts only practice safe sex (whether oral, vaginal or anal sex); it is for your safety and our escorts’ safety. Unprotected sex is not allowed. Our Escort always have enough condoms, so you don’t have to bring condoms.

5. Do not force your Escort to drink alcohol or use drugs. Do not use too much alcohol or drugs yourself. You will not benefit from the unforgettable experience you will have together.

6. The escorts we work with follow studies or have a job and prefer to keep this life private. Never ask for her details, such as her telephone number, address, social media, etc. Discretion is our mission for both you and our Escort. Our Escorts feel uncomfortable if customers ask such questions.

7. Do not provide false information to us! Discretion is our mission, and we handle all customer details 100% anonymously and discreetly. To ensure the safety of our High Class Escort, we ask you for the necessary personal data, such as your surname and telephone number. The address where the meeting with your Escort will take place. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation if the information provided proves to be incorrect. Your name will be added to ‘blacklist’ and we can no longer accept bookings from you.

8. Make sure you have the agreed amount of money, credit card, or debit card ready before the ESCORT arrives. We want your appointment to run as smoothly and as pleasantly as possible and that financial matters are not a distraction during the date. Therefore the request to settle with her immediately after the lady’s arrival. Bank transfers are also an option and must be done well before the booking.

If you do not behave according to these escort etiquette guidance, our escort model has a right to stop the booking and leave, keeping the payment.

The Escort may reject any sexual activity or client if she has no comfort in providing service.